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Welcome to Melissa Co Style!

I wanted to give you a little background of who I am and what inspired me to start up this blog. I am a New York Latina Native, who began her blogging journey back in 2013. I have had many different blogs that represented me at those time periods in my life and some did pretty well, but I came to a hault in my blogging career where I felt a block and didn’t feel as connected to it as I did when I first started. I wanted to take a step back to rebuild, rebrand, and build a community where women can come and leave feeling empowered.

My previous blogs were fashion based and although I love fashion, makeup, and styling there is a lot more to it that meets the eye, which is what I feel I want to share with you all. Everyday we grow and evolve as people, we come across challenges and are forced to either become wiser through those difficult times or allow it to control our lives. This is why the main theme of my blog is not only Style and Beauty but all about the evolution of our everyday life. My purpose is to inspire you to keep growing and evolving in to the best version of yourself. Now in doing so, this also shouldn’t stop you from having fun along the way!


Live your best life by embracing the everyday challenges and growing from them!