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Denim Skirts & Thigh High Boots

Melissa Co November 1, 2017

Denim skirts have been making their way back into our lives and I love it! I never tried wearing a denim skirt and thigh high boots!  It’s the perfect look for those fall cozy days where the weather is not hot or cold, but just right. I am also obsessed with this denim skirt because it is high waisted and perfect for curvy girls like myself. Any bottom that is high waisted is definitely perfect for accentuating those curves and also gives comfort in wearing a crop top with it.

But let’s talk about these boots though! These Ralph Lauren babies are to die for! I love the low chunky heel, it gives them a nice sex appeal but also comfort. Most times when shoes are so sexy they end up being the most uncomfortable shoe! It is so crazy how wearing heels is like a love/hate relationship. They are the perfect accessory to any outfit but the pain we endure is unreal at times. As I get older I tend to go for a lower heel because I like to keep my shoes on all night and I just cannot do those crazy heels I did in my early 20’s ::insert sad emoji::

All in all this is the perfect look for a fall date night! It’s not to much, comfortable, but also very stylish! You always want to up your game with your partner, keep them guessing . I know jeans are the go to but throwing on a cute denim skirt to accentuate those curves can keep your partner on edge!

Top: Express // Skirt: Bebe // Boots: Lauren by Ralph Lauren // Purse: Guess

“Always keep them guessing”


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