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His & Hers Wedding Guest Style

Melissa Co April 17, 2020

Wedding’s are always a good idea. When you get an invite you truly do not want to rsvp no unless you have a previous engagement. Being a wedding guest means you show up and you show out in style. My husband, Mario, and I are the definition of that. We aim to dress the part and we get the party going, it’s our typical wedding guest style.

His and hers Wedding Guest Style #ExpressStyle

We learned from our own wedding, when you pay thousands of dollars all you truly want is an amazing day filled with love and your guest to have the most memorable time. The bride and groom do it for the celebration and memories with everyone they love. You also want your guest looking and feeling their best. It’s your day as bride and groom but also when everyone else dresses the part they feel good and bring the good vibes to the event.

Wedding Guest Style inspiration for him

The most challenging part of being a wedding guest is finding the perfect outfit. Mario and I tend to coordinate at times on purpose and other times it just happens. This was one of those times I struggled finding a dress. I went to the mall the weekend before and every store either had clubbing dresses or work dresses. I personally like to be in the middle of those two sexy but still classy. Fortunately, we now have the internet and fast shipping. I turned to my good old trusty friend AMAZON!! Have you ever tried amazon for a last minute dress? I was so happy and the material was actually not too bad for a $20 dress!

Wedding Guest Style inspiration for her

Shop Her Style Below!

Shop His Style Below!

What’s your wedding guest style?

Do you usually match your date? Do you like the work dress style? Are gowns more your taste? Let me know down in the comments section below.
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