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A Royalton Whitesands Resort Wedding

Melissa Co September 19, 2018

I’m sitting here, blank not even knowing where to begin writing. I am now a married woman, someone’s Mrs. Although we have been together for 12 years, getting married was a big step for us in building an even deeper commitment to each other. It’s a major blessing to have someone by your side to do this crazy life with, someone you actually like at that. When we got engaged in Jamaica, we had no clue we would be going back to have our wedding there. Honestly, we had the best time out there. We were treated like royalty and everyone catered to our needs. There was no stressing just enjoying my wedding and vacation. I had my vision and knew I wanted a simple but stylish wedding, so typical of me. The goal for our wedding was for everyone to turn up and have an amazing time.

Getting Ready – Ladies VS Men

I was so fortunate to have been gifted the bridal suite at the spa of the resort to get ready. The spa had zen music and kept me stress free, well sort of stress free LOL! There are always those minor details that get missed and even though you may want to freak you just have to Woosa and enjoy your moment. However, the Wedding Assistant I was assigned for my day did an amazing job, keeping me calm while it was storming outside and making sure this wedding happened the way I envisioned.

The Ceremony

The Ceremony was absolute perfection. The sun came out right before our ceremony and remained sunny for the rest of the day. We knew our grandparents in heaven were definitely watching out for us to make sure we had a great day. It was nerve wrecking just knowing you are going to walk down the aisle and all eyes will be on you. I don’t even know how the models do it LOL. Minor hiccups may have happened throughout the day, but it was absolute perfection just to be with everyone we love. Here are some pictures from our day.

These were all shot by the amazing Stacey Clarke Photography Team of Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Wedding Alter Royalton Whitesands

Photo Shoot time/ Cocktail Hour

Our wedding party was the absolute best, not to sound cocky. We all had our stressful moments but everyone came through and did their best to make sure we had a great day. We didn’t have too many pictures from cocktail hour because we used that time to take all our professional pictures together while everyone ate and drank.


The Reception

We had our reception by the pool area of the resort. The tent we rented came with a package deal and we got chandeliers, liners, and a dance floor. We had about 8 tables and brought all our own decor to the resort. I can give way more details about that in another post if you are interested. For now I will leave you with this gem advice, the more organized you are ahead of time the better chance you have of relaxing and enjoying yourself while you are on the resort.

Our First dance was something to remember, stay tuned for the video post to come after!

I truly hope you enjoyed me sharing this day and the start to this destination wedding series on my blog. I want to share my experiences and what I learned from planning a destination wedding. If you have any topics or questions you would like me to touch on, definitely send them through as I am all ears and want to help make your day as perfect as mine was.

“Sharing a life with someone is a blessing, but being able to grow with someone is a privilege.”

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