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Welcome to the community love!

My name is Melissa Claudio. I am a hardworking 30 something Millenial married woman who is just trying to balance life, career, dreams, and still have fun in between. I am a New York native who full on enjoys going to brunch, restaurants, bars, and exploring the world. Fun Weird Fact: I am probably one of the few people who doesn’t like chocolate!

I started this blog journey back in 2013 as a Fashion Blog and a creative outlet to inspire affordable fashion styles for women. As I have grown so has my blog and my views on life. I took some years off to focus on my happiness, my career and growing in the fashion industry. Here I am in 2020 rebranding my blog and working toward building a community of women who are empowering and want to empower others. A place where we can inspire each other and not bring each other down. You can still find fashion, beauty, travel adventures and funny tik tok videos on here, but I fully believe we need more support and love in our world today. I just want to genuinely provide a positive outlet that lets anyone woman or man leave feeling empowered, excited, and inspired.

Live your best life by embracing the everyday challenges and growing from them!

Melissa Co


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