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Blazers and belts

Melissa Co October 8, 2018

Camel Blazer Zara

I love to shop, I love having a particular style that represents me, this mostly includes blazers haha. However, lately it just doesn’t appeal to me as much as it used to. I feel as I am getting older my priorities shift. I have real life bills, real life problems, and there are so many important things going on in our world that sometimes it just doesn’t feel right only speaking on what I bought recently.

Somedays it’s so much fun for me to write and share my style or thoughts, and other days I just feel helpless like how can I contribute to the world to make it better other than just writing my blog. I genuinely begin to feel guilty as if I am just speaking on only fashion, meanwhile there is a chance women will lose their right to a choice on abortion. I then feel like I turn to shopping more to find ways of dealing with my emotions. Do any of you do that?!

Lately it has been up and down with the need to shop. When I feel that need though Zara has been my latest addiction! Do you usually shop there as well?! ugh, I love their clothes! Their blazers are bomb. I just love the style and vibe of the store its simple but stylish. This camel blazer I bought because I have always wanted one in this color. I love the length. That is a big deal for me as I love when blazers are long enough they cover my butt. I like to wear tight pants so I like my butt covered, especially since most of my wardrobe I wear to work and don’t want to be too revealing. How do you normally like your blazers to fit?!


Steve Madden BootiesWestern BeltCamel BlazerZara Blazer


Outfit Details

Black Top: Express

Black Jeans: Express

Booties: Steve Madden

Camel Blazer: Zara

Western Belt: Express

Hat: Express


“I’m living my life, not buying a lifestyle” 



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