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Wedding Dress details matter for your day

Melissa Co October 8, 2018

The perfect wedding day consist of you being absolutely in love and happy with your dress. I mean you are basically a celebrity for the day. Every detail is a reflection of you and the groom, but reality is mostly you. You must feel beautiful, confident, and comfortable because it is a long day that goes by super fast. I know how contradictory that sounds but I have no better way of explaining this day haha.

Martina Liana

Dress // Martina Liana 744

Every girl worries about hair and makeup for their wedding, its crucial to be on point and your vision brought to life. The resort, Royalton Whitesands, had a facebook group where you can chat with people who previously had their weddings there. Through the group I found an amazing makeup artist, Chasity Artistry, who glammed me up exactly how I envisioned. We didn’t even have a trial together and she was just able to pull it off.  As for my hair, I just went with the resorts salon and made sure I brought a picture of what I wanted. Check out the end result below, what do you guys think? I say not bad for taking the risk and no bridal trial.

I couldn’t wait to wear it! It was breathtaking, no other words. Here is the link to wear I purchased the Hair Comb in the picture below. This was an amazon purchase as well. Amazon honestly held down my wedding LOL

Don’t forget your garter belt! I fell in love with this garter belt especially since my colors were royal blue and rose gold. I saw them on Etsy  and purchased asap from Glitz and Garterz! They shipped quickly and I had no trouble with them, packaging was perfect and preserved the garter belt until the wedding day!

I got my shoes randomly shopping in the outlets. They are Steve Madden and wee $60, winning!! LOL Every pair of wedding shoes from official brands were out of my budget and these shoes were perfect and right up my ally. I also knew I would take them off to walk around the resort and take pictures, there is no way I can last in heels. Yes i love fashion but in all honesty your girl needs her flats on deck, especially standing in heels for a long time.

Below is a picture of my shoes, however I searched everywhere and it seems steve madden does not carry them anymore. So here is a link to amazon because apparently they really have everything now a days haha!

Steve Madden Wedding ShoesShoes // Steve Madden Sweetest Sandal

Last but not least was my jewelry which I purchased from amazon!!! LOL Earrings, Necklace, and one of my bracelets. Amazon had some really good jewelry at an affordable price. I didn’t want any expensive Jewelry especially because I was traveling to another country. In all honesty, the necklace wasn’t 100% amazon. I loved the diamonds down my back from an etsy necklace I purchased but I wasn’t too crazy about the large diamond in front, it looked a little tacky with a beautiful wedding gown. So I ordered a simple rose gold one from amazon and combined the back piece with that necklace and it was perfection. Creativity goes a long way when you are on a budget.

Wedding NecklaceWedding Earrings

Links to wear I purchased the Jewelry

Necklace – Amazon // Necklace – Etsy // Bracelet // Earrings 

Wedding photo

This bouquet was also self-made. I will definitely share details on how I made this in a coming video post.

“You can build the life of your dreams out of nothing”


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