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Traveled to Jamaica & returned Engaged

Melissa Co November 1, 2017

Jamaica has left me breathless. The vibe, the people, the culture is so uplifting and has forever changed my life. Jamaica is dear to my heart as I went there so excited for my first trip with my boyfriend at the time, Mario, and came back to New York his Fiance. The last time I was outside of the United States was my Freshman year of college in 2006. I had gone to the Dominican Republic and had not traveled anywhere since.

Mario and I had been together for 10 years at the time and it has been a struggle finding jobs, building a life together, and pursuing dreams. It is now almost two years since our engagement and we are almost ready to walk down the isle in 2018. This video was my first vlog back in 2015. I wanted to start vlogging at the time but I honestly felt like I wasn’t great at it and constantly forgot to take my camera with me everywhere, haha. I’m working through self doubts and am willing to give it a try again if my readers are interested in seeing more!

I hope you all enjoy and please do leave your feedback! It is well appreciated as I wanted to make this blog my community, my fam, my real crew!

Stay until the end of the vlog, as there is a special surprise of how he proposed!

“Two souls with but a single thought, Two hearts that beat as one”


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