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Understanding Your Journey

Melissa Co November 1, 2017

You ever take a moment out of your busy schedule to reflect on your life and see how far you’ve come in your journey? How different things have become within 1 year? And where you would like to see your future go? Well, I came to that point in my life recently and took a pause on my blog. If you didn’t know before well, now you know I previously had a blog called StyleisHer. I worked very hard on that blog, maybe too hard.  I saw all these bloggers doing amazing things and felt why isn’t anyone really relating to my blog? how are they doing it? what is their formula?

Being focused on all the wrong things got me to a point where I was becoming someone I am not.  StyleisHer was no longer true to me which led to my difficulty in coming up with fresh new content. Every time I sat down to write a new blog post my mind would go blank. I eventually just accepted this roadblock to take time off until I found a path more suitable for me. I realized I love shopping, dressing up, and inspiring other women to dress confidently. However, it isn’t the only thing I want to be remembered for. I realized I need to get to know myself again, my why, my purpose, my legacy. There was a reason I couldn’t relate to StyleisHer and that reason stemmed from, I am no longer that girl.

This was a very pivotal moment of change for me. Not only did I not know if I wanted to blog anymore but I just let go of anything that was no longer serving my happiness. When I decided to continue blogging in a different form, I ended up losing all of my hard work from StyleisHer. In a weird way, I felt relieved this was my chance to rebuild a brand that is more of a reflection of me where I can shed some light on real life issues, positivity, fun and style with you all. I was previously so focused on getting numbers and building a following, I completely forgot to be my quirky self and enjoy the journey. I even lost myself along the way, but what is a journey if you’ve never had moments where you just let yourself go and be lost for a bit.

Whether you decide to continue following me through this journey and growing with me, I do want you to leave with a little positivity, maybe even some motivation to find your journey!

Your journey is your journey and no one can take that away from you!


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